Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Patchwork with Shells

My series of patchwork pieces using collagraphs with integrated printed ephemera now has several more pieces. Each section of the quilt pattern is a section of print- some are straight prints, others are layered with a variety of papers from old books, maps etc. This piece has cigarette cards showing seashells arranged in the traditional style of Welsh quilts.
 Previous pices have had the individual pieces arranged according to particular field patterns - A patchwork of little fields (now on show at Hastings museum and art gallery) is and example.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Glenn Ibbitson's new film Tatsuko  is complete apart from the soundtrack which will be created by Wyn Lewis Jones of  Fflach recording studios and other musicians.
This new film is based on a true news story from Japan which caught Glenn's imagination several years ago and which inspired him to create the film after his recent visit to Japan when he stayed in a friends small apartment.

Glenn writes Emerging from a remote landscape, a stranger enters the house of a female artist, who lives alone. There he takes up residence... undetected.
Over the course of a year the artist remains unaware of her uninvited guest, though his presence gradually influences her work, leading to an unexpected denouement...
Based on a true story, Tatsuko is a silent film with running time of about 40 minutes and shot almost entirely in black and white; using available light at all times.
Much work has already been achieved with the goodwill of our small cast and crew. The location work and most of the interior scenes have been completed. All uncompleted filmwork has already been carefully storyboarded. Funds are now needed to push the film through post-production and into the international film festival marketplace. Money will also be used to rent a music studio where award-winning musician Wyn Lewis Jones will compose and record an accompanying soundscape to further enhance a work rich in atmosphere.
In addition, your pledge will help fund the publication of a full colour book of 80 pages, tracing the projects development from initial inception to final cut, comprising production stills, storyboards, interviews, notes and essays.
Both film and book will be completed and ready for distribution by June 1st 2012.
If you have ever wanted to see your name on a movie credit roll or on the printed page as a supporter of the arts, this is your opportunity –with the added benefit of acquiring some unique, tangible art product in the process. 
Project development can be followed at: http://tatsukoproj.blogspot.com/    

and funded at:

Sunday, 4 March 2012

On the Map

'A patchwork of little fields'
'On the Map ' opens in Hastings Museum and Art gallery this week with this piece of my work. Composed with fragments of original print and chine colle, each piece representing one field in one particular area near Tregaron. 
More information on previous blogs.

Preview : Friday 9th March at 6.45pm