Monday, 11 February 2013

Zara Kuchi at King Street Gallery

The King Street Gallery ( Carmarthen) in its new location at ground level  now boasts several individual spaces suitable for solo exhibitions. This month the 'Chate' room hosts this enchanting show by artist Zara Kuchi.
Showing a group of large, confident oil paintings Zara's work  is sensitive and thought provoking- her use of symbolism is mixed with references to family, ethnicity and folklore.These paintings create carefully balanced images of contentment and calm imbued with a  sense of longing.

Her fascination with the human figure, in particular the face is well known to all who have seen previous portraits- as she pointed out in her artists presentation today she has progressed from an obsession with the three quarter view to full frontal renditions!

This exhibition of Zara's work can be see at King Street Gallery from now until February 28th and then as a member of the gallery.

King Street Gallery, King Street, Carmarthen, SA31 1BS           01267 220121 Zara Kuchi

all images copyright Zara Kuchi

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  1. What a lovely exhibition space I have enjoyed looking through your website from the link on twitter.

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