Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Having already delivered one of my map pieces to one gallery I am now working towards the second show exhibiting concurrently on the same theme- they weren't originally meant to clash. Having  preprinted collagraphs, most using chine colle layers or two layers of colour, onto somerset paper then I started cutting out. Each collagraph uses a tiny square of Welsh map as its starting point, with mapping symbols, fields and other features included. Paper ephemera such as guide books, advertisements and pamphlets are included in the prints.

The current map collage will use around 200 precision cut pieces of print reassembled to create a single piece full of textures and many shades of green.

Pieces from this series of work will be shown at:
Hastings Museum and Art Gallery in their exhibition on maps: traditional and contemporary (10 March - 17 June 2012) and
'Journeys'  at the Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk 24th March- 5th May 2012.

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