Saturday, 11 February 2012

Consignment - Glenn Ibbitson

Ffin y Parc gallery, Llanrwst latest show opens tomorrow afternoon with this uncompromising exhibition about human trafficking. The human body is depicted, confined in a packing case, as it moves around the space in attitudes of desperation and despair. 
Read literally or metaphorically, the compound effect of the human figure in torment, can not fail to impress
See for yourself.......

Sunday 12th February 2-5pm
Ffin y Parc. Betws Road, Llanrwst, Conwy, North Wales UK LL26 0PT
Glenn Ibbitson :

What the artists says:
“Consignment is an ongoing multi-media project comprising paintings, prints and film. The work developed from an initial theme of escapology into a meditation on the contemporary social environment. The composition of the figure physically enclosed within the confines of the frame, was chosen for its universality; it suggests simultaneously both cell and refuge or hiding place. It is employed here as a visual metaphor for the individual as the object of:
1 political oppression; the suspension of human liberties and the enforced submission of the individual.
2 human trafficking. The high risk strategies employed in acts of global transmigration, either voluntary or coerced, place people in situations of extreme endurance; conditions into which they are willing to place themselves and/or others, in the vain hope of improving their economic circumstances.

The paintings and prints are all square in format, with dimensions ranging from 10cm to 92cm, and have all been painted and designed to hang any way up.
The short film: “Consignment”, accompanies the exhibition and has a running time of about 5 minutes.

                                                                                       Glenn Ibbitson

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