Wednesday, 30 October 2013

'The Big Picture' at White Lion Street Gallery, Tenby and 'Borrowed Landscapes and Stolen Histories' at Carmarthen

3 Fathom Forest
Oil on panel
120 x 67 cm
Two exhibitions start this week- one in Carmarthen 'Borrowed Landscapes and Stolen Histories' ( more about this later) and 'The Big Picture' at White Lion Street Gallery, Tenby.
John and Margaret have traditionally gathered a fabulous assortment of small pictures for the festive season- this year they have gone in completely the other direction and requested 'big' pictures for their xmas exhibition.
How big is big depends on your usual output, they casually explain- which leaves it somewhat open to our own interpretation.

The work was arriving as we delivered our pieces on Monday ready for hanging and the start of the show on Nov 2nd. Preview the show consisting of 60 works by 28 artists on

Art Matters at the White Lion Street Gallery, Tenby is open everyday except Wednesday 10am-5pm. A warm welcome always awaits all browsers in this friendly gallery


  1. this took me straight back to my brief days of scuba diving - love the colours, like light glowing through and bouncing off the fronds - i hope it sells for you

  2. Thank you-glad you like it. Really enjoyed doing this one