Saturday, 2 November 2013

Borrowed Landscapes and Stolen Histories: Carole King and Glenn Ibbitson

A collection of pieces created using photographs, recycled objects and personal memory triggers

Time Piece
Mixed Media Installation

Time, like an ever rolling stream,
bears all its sons away:
They fly, forgotten as a dream
dies at the opening day
Isaac Watts

Memory Box

This box contains the texture of a building:
Each surface is captured as evidence collected of a time and a place.
Each print located on a plan.
Stored in a box made from the buildings floor boards and locked.

Memories of others, stored in photograph albums, passed through generations, un-named, undated become generic triggers for events, places and times in our own family histories
35 x 25 cm
oil on canvas
Nothing grows in our garden, only washing
20 x 30 cm
oil on canvas

Images inspired by the weaving industry

The interaction between the landscape and its people created commercial enterprise: ultimately leaving memories, industrial archaeology and working industries

Outside the sun shone and the grass was green

To work cotton efficiently it was necessary to maintain a high temperature, above 20°C (68°F) with high humidity (up to 85%), obtained by keeping all windows tightly shut. Before 1833 there was little ventilation in the Mill.

The Mill

Artists book inspired by the The National Wool Museum
drawing, textiles, collagraph,silkscreen

and a series of mixed media pieces combining prints, drawings, photographs and paper ephemera.

Real Welsh Flannel
Fancy Drapery
Mixed media approx 30 x 30 cm

The theme of interaction between landscape and man regularly occurs in my work:
The landscape itself holds a rich mixture of ideas to be mined; layers of manmade and naturally occurring features, combined with evidence of human settlement, industrial, social and political history.

Experimental layered collagraph prints, inspired by random, small sections of ordnance survey maps have grown to larger, more involved pieces, which incorporate recycled ordnance survey maps and pamphlets documenting local geology, combined with original print.

Some pieces use an intricate collage of field shapes, cut and assembled together which follow the pattern of lanes and hedges. Each field shape is cut from a section of collagraph printed onto a previously printed paper- creating a complex surface of lines, symbols and colour variations. Other pieces, use rectangles and triangles joined together, using decorative stitching, in a traditional Welsh patchwork quilt pattern.
The cartographers interpretation of the landscape as a two dimensional representation is precise and factual, each element previously defined by convention, yet seen as a whole these pieces become aesthetically pleasing in their own right - these 'quilts', also incorporating additional information are equally visually seductive .

'Quilt' Pieces

Pembrokeshire Patchwork

40 x 30 cm
55 x 31 cm
Mixed media

3D Collage

The use of recycled postcards combined with paintings and layering to produce 3d images in both formal box pieces and in tunnel book formats

Sheep in the Bathroom
Kitchen Window
Quarry Farm

3 Dimensional collage using recycled postcards, textiles, paint and card.
works by Glenn Ibbitson in this exhibition can be seen at

Borrowed Landscapes and Stolen Histories: Carole King and Glenn Ibbitson will be showing at
2nd-30th November 2013
open 10-5 pm not Sun

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